Craamer Textile Consulting

concentrates on specific textile processes as well as Research/Development in the textile industry. We offer many years of international experience and knowledge in pre-treatment, dyeing, finishing, printing, coating, inkjet technologies.


A visionary is a person with a clear, distinctive and specific vision of the future, usually associated with technological progress.

Cotton-No thanks

After the catastrophic reports on conditions in Asian textile factories, the textile industry oriented new - and takes Africa targeted.

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Bio-Baumwolle belastet auch die Umwelt...go on (GE)


Green Textile Consulting

Craamer Textile Consulting wishes to reach closer to the textile industry with consultancy services in environment friendly innovations and sustainable developments. This means DIGITAL Processes. Save our World in a honest way !!



I can offer an own developed system to colorize textiles without water and chemicals!!

Crazy, why not, I can !!!

Digital Functionalization

DIGITAL FUNCTIONALISATION is the FUTURE in the textile industry. Contact me to know more about it !!